Secret Garden mural for a restaurant in East Finchley

Some great detailed shots from our secret garden mural in spray paint for the Nahling restaurant in East Finchley.

The front of the restaurant is a long thin space and the mural runs all the way down the main wall.

This is an image of our magical willow tree concept we came up with for the restaurant. This small example painting was presented along with the sketched designs to show how the work could look. You can see the final version painted on site below.

The whole painting was hand painted during the restaurant remodelling. During the shop fitting process. To reduce the time the restaurant was closed this 6 meter mural was completed in less than a day along side the shopfitters.

When creating a new artwork for a public space we feel its important to consider the environment the artworks will have to deal with over its long lifespan as well as the aesthetics of the piece. This helps us create a mural that meets all clients criteria and benefits their businesses in the long term.
If you think a custom hand painted artwork would add to the style and atmosphere of your restaurant and keep your customers coming back call us for a quote. Our number is at the top of the page.

Nicola Adams Spray Painted Boxing Gym Portrait.

This week we've been painting Nicola Adams portrait for the Tsunami boxing gym in Cambridge.  Celebrating her victory in winning gold at the first female Olympic boxing championship in 2012. Tsunami hopes the artwork will inspire a new generation of female boxers. Maybe the next gold medalist will come from Tsunami.

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