Finishing Touches

Some painted flowers to cover the last plain bit of concrete in a new roof garden in Angel.  

Pulp Kitchen

Pulp Fiction inspired mobile catering? If you want a very tasty burger or a a 5 dollar shake Pulp Kitchen are the guys to hire. Thanks to Blight Society Art their new van complete with Banksy inspired artwork and hand painted bullet holes will make sure everyone knows where to get the best royale with cheese in London.

Cambridge Youth Foyer Workshop

The finished social room wall.
Photos from the 3 day workshop at Cambridge Youth Foyer last week. The Foyer is a group dedicated to developing transformational solutions that support disadvantaged young people, helping them gain their independence. The brief was to help decorate the walls of an interview and a social room with artwork inspired by the lives of the residence.

Second piece for the CYF

 All the work was designed and painted with the help of the residence.

If you have a wall space that needs brightening up and you think your students could benefit from a graffiti workshop contact Blight Society Art for a quote.


Different Strokes Tattoo Shop

Today’s commission painting a tattoo machine on the shutters of Different Strokes Body Art studio Enfield, North London.